Meet Jeffrey Joe
photo by John Hancock
Jeffrey Joe is a balladeer and songwriter. He sounds like Buck Ellington, Hank Sinatra & Nat King Tubb. His music generally resists classification in what he calls 'genre non-specificity'.

Jeffrey Joe's collection of Ballads, Blues and Heartbroke Laments features the poetry of the lyricists at the center. He's steeped in the Blues, Jazz, Swing, Honky-Tonk and R&B. His performances offer up straightforward, pure acoustic guitar renditions of Great American Songbook Classics and of his own wry and romantic songs.

Making his way through an adventurous past including skateboard daredeviltry, tugboat skippery, Haight-Ashbury residency and a dangerous Vietnamese Naval advisory, Jeffrey Joe is a modern-day Huck Finn who made music his Jim.

His exemplary guitar and harmonica skills along with his never-ending knowledge of standards have resulted in stage-sharing with some of the finest musicians in San Diego. And while he is a comfortable accompanist, he is also a wonderful one-man act, sending speckles of star dust into the universe with every heartfelt song.